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Tariff Order (below) will be effective from 1st April 2013 in compliance with the orders dated 10.04.2013 of JERC for the state of Goa and Union Territories

for the State of Goa and Union Territories

Petition  No.96/2013

Date of Order 10th April 2013

Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) and Retail Tariff for the Electricity Department,
Government of Puducherry for the Financial Year 2013-14




  1. The tariff figures indicated in this tariff schedule are the tariff rates payable by the consumers of Union Territory of Puducherry.

  2. These tariffs are exclusive of electricity duty, tax on sale of electricity, taxes and other charges levied by the Government or other competent authorities from time to time.

  3. All these tariffs for power supply are applicable to single one point of supply.

  4. The power supplied to a consumer shall be utilized only for the purpose for which supply is taken and as provided for in the tariff.

  5. The adjustment on account of fuel and power purchase cost variation shall be calculated in accordance with the FPPCA formula to be seperately notified by the Commission. Such charges shall be recovered/paid in accordance with the terms and conditions specified.

  6. Power Factor Incentive:
    The monthly average power factor of the plant and apparatus installed by the consumer should be maintained at better than 90% lagging. The monthly average power factor shall mean the ratio expressed as percentage of total kwh to total kvah supplied during the month. The ratio shall be rounded up to two figures.
    In case the monthly average power factor rises above 95%, the consumer shall get a rebate of 1% on billed energy for each 1% increase in power factor above 95%.


(Tariff order extract relating to agriculture services)

4.0 Agricultural Services (D) Agriculture/Cottage Industries, etc.

4.1 Agriculture (D1)

For supply to bonafide Agricultural Services with a connected load of not less than 3 HP per service.


Fixed Charges

Small Farmers Rs. 8.00 per HP per month
Other Farmers Rs. 25.00 per HP per month


Service charges Rs.225 per service per annum


1.Electricity will supplied under the tariff category "Small farmers" to those consumers whose families are solely dependent on the income derived from their agricultural land holding, which should not exceed two and half acres of wet land or five acres of dry land. A certificate to this effect from Revenue authority shall be produced. Small farmer means a person whose total holding, whether as owner, tenant or mortgaged with possession or partly in one capacity and partly in another, does not exceed two-and-a half acres of wet lands or five acres of dry land. In computing the extent of land held by a person who holds both wet and dry lands, two acres of dry land shall be taken as equivalent to one acre of wet land.

2. The above concession will be withdrawn if resale of energy or unauthorized load / extension or use for other purpose is detected by the Department.

3. Agricultural power loads below 3 H.P. will be charged under General Category Tariff A1. A bonafide farmer may use his motor in the Agricultural Service for allied agricultural purposes such as sugarcane crushing, thrashing etc. with the approval of concerned Executive Engineer (Operation & Maintenance), Electricity Department.

4. Power supply to Farm Houses shall be metered separately and charged under Domestic tariff (A2).

Payment of Tariff Charges by Agriculture consumers

1. The Tariff shall be collected in three equal installments payable in April, August and December in each year. The installments shall be payable before the 15th of the respective months. The service charges of Rs 225 per annum shall also be collected in three installments of Rs. 75, Rs. 75 and Rs. 75 along with instalment of fixed charges in April, August and December months.

2. For new service, the first installment shall be proportionate to the number of whole months remaining till the month in which the first instalment is due. Fraction of a month shall be reckoned as a whole month.

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